Outstanding recording artiste, songwriter and performer – Biodun Ajanaku ushers in the new year with her brand new single titled ‘Sound of peace’.

The song, produced by Jeffery Sagay was borne out of the eagerness to allow the Prince of Peace to rule in the affairs of men.

In recent times, the entire world has been troubled by Pandemic, violence, racism, conflicts and turmoil. Governments of nations have explored all avenues and different theories to solve these problems yet the crisis increases, making citizens go through different forms of trouble and worries.

However, Biodun Ajanaku receives this divine message of Peace as her New Year’s declaration to the world.

” Peace is the greatest thing the world is searching for today and is the best thing that can happen to a person. Those who don’t have peace of mind cannot experience the wellness of life. Where there is no peace of mind in a place, it exposes everyone to hostility and aggression but where there is PEACE there is rest. God promises His people a peace that surpasses all understanding. I decree that you will find peace today and always.” – Biodun

Biodun Ajanaku is a performer with a strong musical background in African-American/ Negro music style. Her Music is a fusion of both the African music feel and the western style.

Welcome to 2021. Download ‘Sound Of Peace’ and share this peaceful message with friends.

Download song here

Click and Watch video below:

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