Minister Roseline who describes herself as a product of God’s Mercy, said she got the inspiration for her new single from the word of God. Jer. 29:11, and from her Pastor PDSO through his timely messages, prayers, prophetic declaration and PGSO (the Visionaire of WOM).

“Every Theme of the Programme was for me and from when I thought about all that the Lord has done, is doing in my life till date “for only thinkers can thank God” I saw that indeed Jer. I:5 is the summary of everyone’s existence. The earlier you believe the word the better for you to begin the fulfilment of your God ordained destiny”, Roseline said.

She went further to say that “Master Planner was a song the Lord gave her in 2018 as an interpretation of the original message song she received which she will release some day.

“Olorun Eto” it is a song that encapsulates or summarises the Love of God to me, His Mercy towards me and His all round Help to me so that I do not suffer, know shame or backslide”. – Roseline

Giving all the glory to Jesus. With the Joy of the Holy Spirit. I present to you.
“MASTER PLANNER”. Check out this life changing motivational song below;

Download song here


Solo 1

Before I was born you knew me
The blueprint of my life is in your hands
You’re the one who knows my end from my beginning
That is why I call you Ancient of days


Master planner
You have planned my life forever
You will never ever put to shame
Master planner
You’re the reason I’m alive today
You’re the melody within my heart
I will forever give you praise

Solo 2

Your thought towards me are perfect
Every of my plans you know them all
You fulfil my quest you grant all my requests
In you I live and move and have my being

(Repeat Chorus 2ce)


The Lord is worthy to be praised, I lift and exalt his holy name this day


Alpha Omega is your name /4×

Almighty Father you are great /4×

Repeat (Vamp) 2ce

Solo part for vamp

Alpha Omega
First and last
Beginning and the end

Almighty Father
Greater than the greatest
Higher than the highest


For who you are and all you’ve done
I will forever give you praise

For loving me and saving me
I will forever give you praise

For all you’ve done and all you are doing
I will forever give you praise

You are worthy; worthy of all the praise
I will forever give you praise

You are wonderful, mighty God
I will forever give you praise

I will forever give you praissssseee
I will forever give you praise.

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