International Gospel singer Uche Chris serves another supernatural song of gratitude titled “OJUWOM ANYA” meaning (I can’t explain his goodness anymore)

Uche Chris the extraordinary “Omewoya-Ozo” crooner hails from the eastern part of Nigeria, he started his musical career as a young church pianist in a local church and gradually grew into a song writer and a popular Gospel music minister with so many great songs such as “Omewoya ozo”, “Miracle Baba” and many more, all to his accolades and to God’s glory.

Please join Uche Chris in this powerful one he called “Ojuwom Anya” and be hugely blessed.

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Ojuwom Anya (lyrics)

You alone, you alone are worthy
You alone you deserve my praise

Lord you set my heart on fire
You alone my one desire (nyeeh)
Idi ebube
Lord you cover me,
You took me to your heart
You called me your own
Mine you’re mine, you’re mine
You are mine forever
I will worship you…

Chim lee!
I na eburum agha,
Olu oma gi ejuwom anya
Ezi chim leee….
I na eburum agha
Olu oma gi ejuwom anya
Ojuwom anya, ojuwom anya(nyeeh)
Ojuwom nu m anya

Odigi chi ozo ke nwere (hallelujah)
Nani gi onye na adigi, agbanwe
Nyeeh nyeeh
You took me to the top(yeeh)
From the miry clay
You set my feet up on the rock(hallelujah)
You’re Mine you’re mine you are mine
You are mine forever
I will worship you ….yeah

Chim Lee!
I na eburum agha (odum ebo judith)
Olu oma gi ojuwom anya
Ezi chim leee!
I na eburum agha(odighi onye di ka gi)
Oluoma gi ejuwom anya
Ojuwom anya (jum anya)
Ojuwom anya (jum anya)
Nyeeh! Ojuwo nu anya

Yesterday and today
You never, never change
Wat you say, you will do
You will never never fail (nyeehh)

(You alone, you alone are worthy)
Awesome God, holy one
Only you are worthy,
You deserve my praise
I give all to you, (yeh…hee)

(Chim Lee! I na eburu agha)
Chinwe ndu m..oo
(Oluoma gi ojuwom anya)
You took me to the top
Form the miry clay
You set my feet
Upon the rock (nyeeh)
Onye ga mere ihe
I na emerem, onye ga alurum
Olu I na a lurum
Eze I mewo ihe mmadu na apughi
I mere m, chinwe ndu mu oo!
Ojuwom na anya, jum na anya
Oluoma chim ejuwom anya.

The End

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