KHEMIGEEE is one of the fast rising gospel music minister in Nigeria with singles to her credit which has been a huge blessings to homes. She’s a praise Marshal, Song-writer and one of the best to look out for in Gospel music industry.

KHEMIGEEE on this new single titled “KADE PE” featuring the prolific producer himself DAVID DESTINY and alongside OGM.

“KADE PE” is a song of gratitude to God and irrespective of what is happening arround us, the Bible commands we reference God in all circumstances been the will of God (1 thess 5 : 18 & Phil 4 :6 talk more on this).

“Kade pe” unveiled the mysteries of God – his sovereignty and supremacy over all creatures, most especially men of different colours (white and black, e.t.c.), men of different tribes and tongues, I mean all languages across the globe.

He is just one God but we pray and worship him in different languages and he hear us.

Also, don’t forget,when we praise God, we are also praying to God ; I pray this song will lift your spirit to worship God, move all mountains and put an end to convid 19 and every other storms in your life in Jesus name.
Amen !

Download, enjoy and share.

Ha a,
ki lo wi


Call: ilu ati Jo f’eledumare (X2

Res: Kade pe

Call: ailejo Kama ri rara (X2

Call: let the trumpet blow Tara rara, rara, rara ra ((x2

Call: ailejo Kamari rara

Call: Kade pe Lori oba ooo (x2

Lead vocal:

(1) mowo Yi ka, molo si sokoto, molo si zamfara,

he, koseni tale fio we,
ninu oba, ninu ijoye o, ko seni bire

oba Toto, oba
nla, alagbada Ina, alawotele orun baba mi,

Apase foba, asoro gbamu, asoro wamu, owibe sebe ni o,

He, koseni bire o alewilese, oba towonu abo agbonrin Tobi were

Repeat chr:

ilu ati Jo

Lead vocal 2:

Alewilese, oba Toto bi aro, oba rere bi osu,

Alagbara (X2
oba to fagi kedari ya o, alagbara nla,

Mowo le,
moba rubu rubu foba Toto oba

seriki duniyan,
eze ukwu

atosebi oba
Koseni tale fio jo,
Eleyinju ege,

oba to fine,
oba to yekeable,
oba to fine,
supernatural God o

Res: Kade pe

Call: oba tewu oso darugbo

Call: Adagba Malo digi, adagba Malo gilasi

Call: he, oba (x4, alara gbayida, oba nio, koseni tale fio we

Call: Jesu mo wa wo,
mo wokun,
mo wose,
iwo rolagbara,
iwo rotobi,
Jesus peeeeeee

Call: Omorihi avo, nda, avo.


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