Gospel Minister and prolific song writer , Evangelist Osita Joe release a new sound from heavenly titled “Jesus Take Over” featuring De Zionist

This song is a spiritual food for mankind, it backs the word of Isaiah the prophet in Isaiah 40:29-30, where he said that even the strength of the strength can fail, but they that wait on the Lord Jesus shall mount like an eagle on their wings…”By Strength shall no man prevail”.if you have tried and fail before, this song is released by the spirit to take Over everything concerning you, depend on Jesus, he will answer you.

Evangelist Osita Joe, is a preacher and a spiritual singer who God has appointed for this end-time revival. He is the Director of Welfare to FOGMMON Anambra State. He is the leader of De Zionist crew which he featured in this song “JESUS TAKE OVER”, His impart in this generation is of great measure.

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Intro verse:
You are a Mighty God oo, sweet Jesus, Holy ghost oo
You are a mighty God oo, sweet take over….
You are a mighty God oo, sweet Jesus, holy Yahweh..
You are a mighty God oo, sweet Jesus take over….

Mighty God,you are a mighty God..
I am that I am God o, you are a mighty God..
The spirit of the spirit o, you are a mighty God,
I cannot live without you lord o, sweet Jesus, sweet Jesus…
I cannot live without your strength oo
Yahweh take over….
I am a Vessel waiting for your honor lord oh!,
Here are the sick, here are the dead, here are the lame, here are the barren !…
I cannot heal them on my own oo, sweet Jesus,sweet Jesus..
I cannot heal them on my strength o, Yahweh take over…

Take over Jesus take over,
(Take over lord…)
Take over Yahweh take over
( Yahweh take over oo)
Huu….huu….(Jesus)Jesus take over
(Takeover lord o)
Ahh….ahh…. Yahweh take over
(Oh take over lord oo)

Take over Jesus take over,
(We depend on your strength ah…,for we have no strength of our own Jesus)
Take over Yahweh take over
( Take over, we depend on you to survive ah, we need your spirit lord take over…) Tounges..
Huu….huu…. Jesus take over
(Take over lord oo)
Ahh….ahh…. Yahweh take over

Eeeiii, Okwagi bu Chukwu onye na eme mma, ebube dike bilie…
Okemmuo na eri oke aja, mgborogu dike bilie…
Come and do what only you can do..Omniscient God,
We depend on you to take over our life Jesus….
I have no, power of my own, i have no power of my own, i confess to you holy spirit take over, cos i have no power of my own…

Take over Jesus take over
(My Maker)
Take over Yahweh take over
( ooh ohh….!)
Huu….huu….Jesus take over
(Take over ahh…..)
Ahh….ahh….Yahweh take over
(The words in my lips o)
Take over Jesus take over.
( eeh eeh, you are the definition of existence)
Take over Yahweh take over
(Oku na ere ere(The burning fire) Jesus take over my post, take over my spirit, my body oo….)
Huu….huu….Jesus take over
Ahh ….ahh….Yahweh take over

Take over Jesus take over……
Take over Yahweh take over……
Take over Eledumare (My God) take over….
Tongues….Ohh ohhh…..take over
Youuu you….. Take over…..!!!!.

The End


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