Tomiwa Dare Onasebu is a Nigerian gospel music act and Pastor, popularly called PDrei. He is widely known for stylish and magnetic expression of God’s faithfulness, love and power with his music.
Unapologetic about his belief and unreservedly telling the story through excellent and unique artistry.
This song is an expression of God’s dependability and purposeful leading in uncertain times… “For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God”
Wherever He leads we follow!

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Lyrics: Follow You by Tomiwa

Peperi pepe/2x
With you/3x. Ah… Ah.. Ah.. Ah….

All the way, No delay, I no dey play play
Unto say, you remain, faithful and capable
Undisputed, every ride with you is sure
Unlimited God
None can compare you do dey blow my mind … you you you.

Chrs: Follow you dey go, anywhere you go, I will follow you dey go.

Took me little while but now I realize
My future with you no one can jeopardize
My money my body my essence of living is you…my sugar my honey
(Nobody loves me like you do)
The things you dey do Lord you dey blow my mind… You dey blow my mind


Anywhere you lead me I’ll go, anything you say that I’ll do..

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IG @ tomiwadrei
FB @ tomiwadrei
Twitter @ Onasebudare


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