Amazing God by Kaduna based Gospel music minstrel, Light Ojochegbe Godman is a sound birthed from an experience.
Light who was involved in a minor surgery on appendix
Which turned out to be complicated.
In her words “My stitched loosed for three good times, even when friends, family, strength and everything failed me God didn’t forsake me. But I almost gave up and I asked God why leave me in the midst of afflictions
He gave me Psalms 34: 19
And asked me if I trust him
This song was the response when I woke up
I put my trust in you, you never fail me yes! You’re an amazing God
And through that song, my faith strengthen, I got healed and miracles have happened through the song in my neighborhood.
I trust God to also do more Amazing things through this song”. Light Ojochegbe Godman is one wonderful Vocalist who’s voice is a sound of Jesus to nations. The newbie is an assistant head in her local church choir. Earlier this year she won the sound of music musical contest and was also involved Klin Music audition and presently their artist

She also work for and serve with Singer’s tribe founded by Luke Goshen whose spritual head is Mrwealth priceless freedom.

Download song here


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