Gospel Music Minister, sensational song writer and recording artist, Jeffson Dozie drops his latest single titled ” All on Jesus “.

About The Song, in his word


This Song “ALL ON JESUS” Describes “JESUS CHRIST” As Our “ALL IN ALL”

Drop All Your Worries And Burdens At His Feet Because Everything Is On JESUS And With Your Hands Lifted Higher, Your Voice Raised In Praise, Receive All Declarations By Faith As You Sing Along.

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Huuuuu – Heyayayayaa yayayaya – Hallelujah to the lamb of our God Wuh!! – Jesus The Living Water…


Jesus – Jesus Ayaaaa – Jesus eeh – Jesus Lord – Jesus – Jesus – Jesus ooo – Jesus mooo…

Is The name Above other names,

Jesus is The name beyond every other names,

By Jesus the whole world turns around yeah,

Christ By your name the whole earth bows in worship…

(Heyayaya yayayayaya – Is All On Jesus – Everybody lift your voice)


Jesus Ooohhh Jesus (2X)

Jesus Lord – Jesus Lord (2X)

Is The name Above other names

Jesus is The name beyond every other names,

By Jesus the whole world turns around,

Christ By your name the whole earth bows in worship (2X)

(We Proclaim Jesus)

Tell me who never Dies (Jesus)

Tell me Who never Fails (Jesus)

Just Tell me Who never Sleeps (Jesus)

Tell me Who never Slumbers (Jesus)

Ooohh Tell me who never lies Yeheh! (Jesus)

Tell me Who never breaks his promises (Jesus)

And Who will never leave his own to die (Jesus)

And Who will Remain the Lord of all (Jesus)

Now the blind man is seeing Hey! (By Jesus)

And the lame man is walking Yes! (By Jesus)

See the barren conceiving (By Jesus)

See the Dumb man is speaking (By Jesus)

Now Am declaring your healing (Amen)

Am proclaiming your Breakthrough (Amen)

Lift your hands for Salvation (Amen)

Receive It – Receive It Right Now (Amen)

-Is All On Jesus (Jesus Jesus Jesus)

-He’s our Jesus Oo (Jesus Jesus Jesus)

-Is All On Jesus (Jesus Jesus Jesus)

-The Name Is So Powerful To Break Every Chain Hee (Jesus)

-Embrace your Jesus Hey! (Jesus Jesus Jesus)

-Oya trust in Jesus Now (Jesus Jesus Jesus)

-Believe in Jesus Wuh (Jesus Jesus Jesus)

-He’s the solid rock where u stand (Jesus)

-You are Blessed in Jesus Name Ah! (Jesus Jesus Jesus)

-Favoured in Jesus Name (Jesus Jesus Jesus)

-You are Lifted Defended Promoted (Jesus Jesus Jesus)

-Sustained And Protected In Jesus Name (Jesus)

-Ooooh yeee yaah! (Jesus Jesus Jesus)

-Your Lord and Your Saviour (Jesus Jesus Jesus)

-Hallelujaaah! (Jesus Jesus Jesus)

-To your Rock And your Salvation (Jesus)

Iyeah Hallelujah Oh Yahweh – You are Too Faithful Too Loving – And That’s Why we Sing..

Is All On Jesus (All On Jesus)

Is all on Jesus (All On Jesus)

Everything is on Jesus (All On Jesus)

Just Cast your cares all on him right now (All On Jesus)

Is All on Jesus (All On Jesus)

God of all flesh (All On Jesus)

He can do anything For you (All On Jesus)

Everything for you (All On Jesus)

Eeeyaya! Jesus – The song I sing is Jesus -The air I breathe is Jesus – Everything is Jesus Oh yeye.

The End

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