Gospel Reggae sensation, Allan Ettienne aka Mr Hollistic. This new artist is in the process of releasing his very first track entitled “Able to Supply” produced by Koen Duncan of Krimson 33 Studios, which is now marketed by us at JahLight Music Marketing, the subsidiary of label, JahLight Records.

Approximately 2 decades ago, Allan attended a Revival seminar where he heard the Gospel preached and there he made the greatest decision of his life, to receive Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour. Soon after joined the church choir, and did a few solo performances at church. As his relationship with God grew he started writing songs as a testimony of God’s goodness.

Now he is ready to proclaim to the world that God is not just good but He is more than able.

“Able to Supply” can be described simply as “beautiful music” “heart felt” “inspired” “music for the soul” and the team is excited about what this new release can do for those that will hear after. Whatever support you can extend to this artist will be more than appreciated. Thank you.

Download song here

For more info:
Contact Allan Ettienne
(868) 371 4087
[email protected]


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